Tuesday, 18 January 2011

New blog, updates and goals for 2011

Hello :)

I had the idea last week to start a blog, so here i am.   I want to do this for a number of reasons,  for personal motivation , to set myself challenges and goals with life and poker and to have something to look back on, i get to do so many cool things and see a lot of amazing places it would be nice to have somewhere to put it all down.

I also wanted to give something back.  I have worked very hard to be where i am now but i know i am very very lucky and privileged to be in this position, to even have found something that gives me the freedom and satisfaction that i get from poker and i don't take it for granted.
Iv decided to donate a % of any cashes i have in any live tournament this year to charity.  I haven't decided which ones (so I'm open to suggestions) but id like to stay away from the larger ones and help out more local ones.    I can get round to that if i ever cash anything! :)

  • The TRIPLE CROWN!   - win a bracelet
  • Keep up with the gym, especially when away from home.
  • Win a Sunday major
  • Grind more online
  • Get Sponsored
  • Win another live event
  • Take more pictures when I'm away
  • Eat more healthily
  • Be more careful with money
  • Drink less
  • And hopefully give lots of money to charity :D

I had a ridiculous 2010, it was probably the best year of my life for a number of reasons, but im not going to try and pt pressure on myself to replicate it or compare it to this year as that would be silly.   Some of the goals for 2011 are a lot more realistic than others, but i will be doing an end of year review and hopefully i will have achieved as many as possible on the list. 

Onto the fun stuff :) I just got back from a pretty amazing trip, i spent new years eve in New York Citaaaaay, which was incredible then spent a week there and i think its become my new favourite city it really was that good!  The sights are AWESOME we went to see a show, a basketball game, times square, the empire state building, we did sooo much and the food was really really good too i don't think we had a bad meal.   Me and Flushy spent most of our time in "fat cats", a bar which played live music and had pool tables, table tennis tables and most importantly shuffleboard tables (best game ever) and it had cheap drinks and a young crowd it was basically everything i ever wanted in a bar lol.   I can't say enough how much i recommend New York!

So we spent a week there then went straight to the Bahamas to play the PCA, i went last year but didn't know that many people and wasn't really rolled to play the main, this year was way more fun, there was loads of young UK guys and i had a really good time playing in the sun and hanging out by the pool.  I had a deep run in the main event too, finished around 120th which doesn't sound great but there was 1600 runners and it was in the money! ending with running Queens into Kings  :( ah well, i was very happy with how i played overall and didn't make too many mistakes, it was also nice to get knocked out in standard fashion for once ha.

I did have so much fun, but i did spend a LOT of money, some of that randomly putting a big bet on the Ravens(die) vs the Steelers in an NFL game, something i pretty much never ever do and i dont even know what is going on half the time in NFL lol, so that was rather silly and something i won't be making a habit of.  I really do need to be a lot more careful.  

Landed in Heathrow yesterday afternoon, and as much fun as i had i was extremely happy to be back, missed my bed SO much, and my car! ...oh and my family and friends too i guess :)

Home for a week going to hit the gym hard then next week, EPT Deauville, i can't believe that its been a year already but im very excited to be going back and it will definitely bring back memories, should be fun.



  1. Yo Jake, good to see your finally getting a blog goign, its a great way to keep yourself groudned...

    When Are you heading to Deauville, I am driving there on the 25th and playing day 1b. Heading down with 2 friends from up north, still room in the car for 1 if you want, if not bell me when you get there for some drinks in that casino bar!


  2. P.S. I'm your first ever follower.. check me out!!

  3. nice blog, im looking forward to following

  4. Nice blog, added you to my blogroll. Add mine http://jpspokergrind.blogspot.com/ i need the hits :P. Cya in Deauville!

  5. Good blog, i will keep upto date with whats happeneing. if you want a worthwhile charity you should check out the Trevor Mann Baby Unit in Brighton, they basically offer neo natal intensive care for premature babies, my son was lucky enough to come home after some time on the ward, whilst we were there many babies didnt pull through, its heartbreaking. They are not funded from the NHS its all spnosor raised, ive done some stuff and raised a few grand for them as have many others. If you want to give to a good cause a feel like its lifechanging then look no further. Next time i do a local tourny to raise money maybe you would want to play haha - only kidding, but thats the kind of stuff we do. I played the UKIPT last year so maybe if you play this year you could vivit the ward, its such an amazing/heartbreaking place, i guarantee you will cry, not for those lost but for the selfless work the staff do. Anyways good luck for this year, i play on tilt under 'The Dozza' swing by and say hi if you want to know a bit more RUNGOOOOOOOT dude :)

  6. Hey Jake,

    Great first blog and hope all is good with you. I'm probably going to go to New York later in the year so you'll have to give me some recommendations for good restaurants then.

    Good luck with your poker goals and hopefully see you at some UKIPTs or something later this year.

    Ross Jarvis

  7. Hi Jake,

    I love the fact that you are starting a blog and it was a great first post. I really like the idea of the 2011 goals but you should have added one more "Blog Regularly". These things are easy to maintain if you find them enjoyable otherwise they will fall by the wayside if they become a chore.

    To give something back, as you put it, shows tremendous maturity for one so young so well done.

    I hope to track you down in either Deauville, Paris or Venice and finally grab that interview so I can get to know you a little bit better because I get to ask all the questions!

    Take care and take it down (unless I am playing of course)

    Lee Davy
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