Saturday, 29 January 2011

EPT Deauville, GUKPT Manchester

Played two live tournaments since the last post.

Ill start with EPT Deauville.
I was really excited about going to Deauville again after taking down the main event last year, i was looking forward to seeing it all again and some friendly faces.  The whole trip was really tilting in the end and once i busted the main event i just wanted to get home as fast as possible.  Flew in from Manchester to Paris on the Monday and met Ellwood at the airport, we then had Craig buy us train tickets to Deauville because we were running a bit late...  ended up missing the last train by 3minutes bvytgbhunbgvfcdrfvgbhnjmklkjnhbytvrced
So had to wait for another train to a place called Le Havre and then taxi the rest of the way.. not a great start.

But i was still pumped for the tournament and there was quite a few young Brits over there (Pez, Tom, Bramm, Craig, Grafton, Franky, Spinks) which was pretty cool.   Had sick preparation for it too, had an early night, then woke up.. hit the gym with Mitchell grabbed some breakfast and went to buy in.  Deauville is known to be one of the weaker legs and  my table was unsurprisingly extremely soft.  More in hyperaggro fashion than limp/passive, there was loads of ridiculous action pre and overbetting and lots of huge pots with hilarious showdowns throughout the day, so i had to nit it up and play v v v tight.   Was going quite well then lost a big pot with KK vs AJ allin pre and i was even more handcuffed after that.   I did manage to bust out in an 80k pot though, did not get it in good.  Shortstack jammed 10k with 44 from the hijack at 400/800/75 i iso'd playing 22k with 99 and then both the blinds instantly got it in, needless to say i needed some help and it did not arrive :(.   Would have been nice to have a deep run, but it wasn't meant to be.

Everyone made day2 except for me and Ellwood, we all went out for a meal afterwards which resulted in team drinking games on who has to pay for the bill and more drinking at the casino because no where else was open.  Woke up with a baaaad hangover and didn't fancy playing the side events, i wanted to play gukpt Manchester instead so rang Jack and we both snap left.  Another tilting journey home because there was no flights and no trains to paris, cant be bothered to go into detail but was very annoying and such a long day, got home about 11.30pm and went straight to bed.   On the plus side i was 500 euros richer thanks to playing chinese on the train :D but still well down on the trip.  

I was soooo happy to be home, its weird i love going away but when i know i will be home soon i start getting really really homesick.  I was tired from all the travelling on thurs so had a pj day and decided to play day1b of gukpt Manchester on Friday.  Its only 20 mins from where i live and i used to play cash games and tournaments there when i was first dabbling in live poker.  Not so much these days but we do head there after nights out now and again for banter.  Anyway, it was nice to back!   Lots of friends playing, it was really fun i enjoy playing live in the UK even though my record is pretty awful overall here.  I'm a fan of gukpt's, but HATE that they are 10 handed hate it hate hate it!!  

It did turn out to be a really fun day, with Scott Shelley, Trigg and Laurence Houghton all at the table for a lot of the day.   My gukpt curse continued though and i busted out with one level to go..  made a (hopefully) sick fold with AK on K63TAccc where i check folded the river and was pretty happy with how i played.  I was quietly building to nearly 30k from 15 then ran TT into Triggs AA and lost most of my stack, fought my way back into a bit..  then spewed a little, cold 4bet jammed 86ss when trigg 3bet Scott Shelleys utg open, he had tens which is a bit of a joke but ah well the door card was the 5 of spades and he was already dead (gtfo) :)  Up to about 50k, i was feeling really good, and loving my seat at the table.  Then the following orbit, i was in the BB and it folded to the small who limped, playing 33k at 500/1k and i had about 50ish still.  I looked down at A9o and made it 3500 and he JAMMED i was like SIGH wtf, timebanked for a while and eventually called and he had 9To but we couldn't hold so was down to 20kish and then ran 99s into JJ not long after and that was that. 

No money to charity just yet! 
So far iv not done well at all with the drink less goal, with lots of nights out in Manchester and Leeds but I'm not going to drink for a while now with the exception of the Superbowl party.  Double entry week and ftopssteelers and me, Sykes and Woodcock have even ordered steelers shirts to get well into it.



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  3. Hi Jake,

    Well done on posting your second blog entry!

    With regards to your drinking goal, you are going to find this one extremely difficult for a number of reasons. Firstly, the goal is too vague and not challenging enough for you. What does drink less mean and how do you measure it?

    Secondly, your lifestyle will make it very difficult for you to reduce your alcohol intake. I imagine you link tremendous pleasure to alcohol because it sounds like you have such a good time when when you are drinking. You travel with a group of youngsters to fabulous places around Europe and when you get knocked out of tournaments, what do you do? Drink!! Party!! People only manage to successfully reduce or quit when they manage to associate a great deal of pain to it.

    Both of these factors will make your goal really difficult.

    Maybe you should change it and maybe abstain from alcohol for one month? That means you would have drunk less but it gives you something a little bit more tangible to aim for.

    Take care

    Lee Davy
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