Friday, 25 February 2011

EPT Copenhagen, the coldest place on earth!

i really like this picture

 Ok so back home from a fun but ultimately disappointing trip.  I didn't take this picture but it sums up what it was like, that's actually a lake!!  Copenhagen is easily the coldest place i have ever been, its was literally FREEZING, the windchill was the worst we took a few walks round and about and you pretty much cant feel your face! But, i thought it was a really cool city,  unique to anywhere iv been before.  There was lots of cyclists and everyone just leaves there bikes outside unlocked, i thought that was awesome that there isn't a worry that they would be instantly stolen, i can't think of anywhere where iv seen that before.   Anyway, after UKIPT Nottingham i was itching to play some more live tournaments and even though this is regarded as maybe the toughest leg i didn't want to miss out.   I was talking to Spinks on skype and he was going on the Saturday afternoon to grind online and then be fully prepared to play, sounded like a plan, so jumped on the bandwagon and booked flights etc.  

Met Spinks at Heathrow and off we went, bought some cards and travel ludo at the airport and Spinks got in a hole at Chinese then with 10mins left to land snap binked out winning like 4 games in a row at ludo :(.    Checked in at the hotel then started playing online, didn't put in a big session, just played the 2k and a couple of others, maybe shouldn't have played i was quite tired.     Then on Sunday did some sightseeing and bought some wintery clothes and then grinded Sundays back at the hotel.  I really wanted to play day1a but made a semi deep run in the ftops main coming like 300th or something and didn't get to sleep until 7am so decided to play 1b instead.

Felt fresh and focused on the day, iv been really in the mood to play recently, knowing i wont get bored or lose focus, iv been in the zone.  Arrive a little early and sit down, the table looked pretty tough for a live tournament, Mickey Petersen was a few seats to my left and most of the table was under 25 and scandi looking.  There was definitely some tough spots at the table but there was a lot of bad play, and i wasn't totally unhappy with the draw tbh, it felt like everyone was just trying to own each other and play too many hands when solid poker is what would be profitable.   I don't really want to go deeply into strategy but the day did go pretty well and i finished on around 67k and feeling optimistic.   Went for a really sick meal with Spinks and Eames on the top floor of the hotel then had an early night, i wanted to be fully prepared for day 2.

Woke up really at about 9am, and decided to hit the gym for an hour or so then got some breakfast and go showered and ready to play, probably one of the best preparations i have ever had.  I was feeling good, excited to play, but focused.   The table draw was a little kinder on day2 there looked to be a lot of recreational players and the table was pretty shortstacked overall.  But, i did have Kristoffer Thorsson to my direct left which i wasn't happy about at all, and although hes a nice guy, hes a great player and i was happy to see him bust early into the day.   I lost a couple of frustrating hands and was down to around 50k after the first level.  Then the blinds went up and i opened QQ utg+2 at 600/1200/100 to 2600 and was 3bet by the loose crazy (i think Italian but I'm not 100%) old guy to 6300, folded back round to me and i was pretty happy to get stacks in vs him with the way he had played so far, so 4bet to 15,800 with around 32k back, he timebank calls, which im not thrilled about i would have preferred to have got it in pre but i wasn't folding any flop...   besides this one, the flop comes AK4 rainbow literally the ONLY flop i get away from, i sighcheck and he quickly checks behind, the turn is a ten, another bad card, i check and he sets me in, and i hate my life and fold, accidentally flipping my hand over, which added to the tilt, then he proudly reveals 56offsuit.  fuck :(.

So im down to around 25bb, fold for an orbit, then im in the sb, and the bb accidentally folds his hand, so the bb is effectively dead, its folded round to the cutoff who opens, and i look down at 88 and ship it in and he takes around a minute and calls with A5ss  ...AK2ss and I'm pretty dead.   Disappointing but i wasn't too tilted i felt i played well, but just wanted to get home, so snap went back to the hotel booked a flight back in 3hrs time and got a taxi to the airport.  Ah well maybe next time.  
As I'm writing this John Eames is going back into day4( i think) today..10/24!! Gogogogoooooooooooooooo Eamesssssssssssssss.

Anyway enough about poker,  before Copenhagen had a fun week, went out in Leeds and didn't drink which i was proud of, and went on a date with my gran which was really nice :)   Heading back up north in an hour or so and going paintballing for Mat Franklands birthday tomorrow, very excited!  Iv never been before but I'm pretty sure that I'm going to love it.   Then going to stay home for a few weeks i think, i was checking out the live tournament schedule last night and from March onwards its soooooooo busy not going to have a second to breathe, might have to begrudgingly skip a few of them so I'm not burnt out for the bracelet hunt.  

I still haven't chosen a charity, but i am close to a decision and will be sorting it out in the next few days after paintballing.  Still open to suggestions.

Getting the train home soon, then heading to Leeds with Pez i think and going to go the cinema or something, and get some nice foods somewhere :)

Next stop, UKIPT Manchester.

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  1. Hey Jake,

    Really great blog.

    Love the charity idea, I might do the same thing, and if it's OK, will give to the same charity (get involved everybody else!)

    Any idea whether there is another high roller in Monchester, or was it a one off at DTD?